2011: 3 movies

Directed by Ron Fricke
Writing by Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson
Produced by Mark Magidson
Cinematography by Rexal Ford and Ron Fricke
Editing by Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson
Music by Marcello De Francisci, Lisa Gerrard,
Michael Stearns, Dijan Gasparyan, and Ron Sunsinger

   Oh. My. God. Put it on when you're in the right mood, and more than an hour goes by without you being able to move. I think this is the definition of "stunning". Takes the audience through so many different ideas, moods, feelings and truths, it transfers sensations to the audience. Sensations such as: how small we are!, how old we are!, how precious we are!, how stupid we can be!, and how smart and connected we can be! How ugly we can be and how beautiful we can be! I think this is the definition of cinema. People should know the names of the cinematography team and editing team. I think the crew could even start their own religion. This is one of the movies that gives me confidence that humanity is going to be okay, both because of the people depicted and because of the profundity of the work itself.
   Yes, this type of movie has been done before. It's a collage around a theme with no dialogue and sometimes not even a musical soundtrack. It's an idea that I think started with 1927's Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Grosstadt, continued with 1930's H2O and Melodie der welt, as well as more recent projects like 2001's Le peuple migrateur.
   The title translates from Sanskrit to "the endless cycle of death and rebirth, transmigration of souls".

Girl Walk: All Day
Direction, cinematography, and editing by Jacob Krupnick
Produced by Jacob Krupnick, Youngna Park,
and Sam Petersson
Music by Girl Talk
Starring Anne Marsen, John Clayton Doyle,
and Daisuke Omiya

   Simple but brilliant idea, make a video to a song, and have the video be three dancers in New York City who express themselves by dancing through every part of the city, and this sometimes gives them joy, sometimes makes them feel like outsiders, outcasts. The brilliance comes with the 3 stars, the public displays of emotion and talent, the increasingly more complicated shots, and the killer soundtrack which was really the backbone the whole time! Bravo to all! Zero dialogue but tons of fun.    
   The soundtrack by group Girl Talk is a series of popular rock songs mashed up with popular hip hop jams that really get the heart pumping and face smiling. 

Written, directed, produced, animated,
edited, and sound produced by
Malcolm Sutherland

   Kind of gets me nervous and spooked, touches a part of the brain that it is talking about, and lets us know that we still have it. Frightening, somehow beautiful, and perfectly delivered.

posted 2021 April 12

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