One addition for 1980: Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise

posted on 2020 October 19

This movie is being added to a year already posted,

either I had not seen this movie when that year's essay was posted,

or I had seen it but at one point did not think the movie merited inclusion on this list,

though I do now.

Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise (1980)
Directed by Robert Mugge
Cinematography by Larry McConkey
Starring Sun Ra and John Gilmore

   This is for people who worship music. Rock or jazz, heavy metal, classical, blues, techno, or funk, this has something for you. While watching you may find yourself asking these questions: Is this guy, Sun Ra, crazy? Is this a documentary of a cult? Is this bad music?
   But by the end I found I had experienced two epic drum solos, two epic saxophone solos, and two epic keyboard solos. As well as a documentation of a brilliant composer, musician, and band-leader who contributed to music defiantly and with regality as well as with a sense of humor.
   It's all told in an engaging style that stimulates the eyes and ears. In other words, this is a movie you can trip out to.

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