One Addition for 1935: The Good Fairy

The Good Fairy (1935)
Directed by William Wyler
Written by Preston Sturges
Produced by Carl Laemmle Jr. and William Wyler
Cinematography by Norbert Brodine 
Editing by Daniel Mandell
Art direction by Charles D. Hall
Starring Margaret Sullavan, Herbert Marshall,
and Frank Morgan

   The most perfect romantic comedy I have yet seen. It's Chaplin in words and wit and tone of voice, rather than dancing and falling and poignant gazes. It could almost be an audio record instead of a movie. But there's enough visual stimulation, with optical flair, sight gags, and emotional actor performances to make it worthy of being watched rather than simply listened to.
   Hilarious and heart-breaking because it catches both a miracle as well as several blind-spots in our monetary-based society. The first great movie with a screenplay by Preston Sturges, and that's largely due to the on-point direction and the masterly performances by all.

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