2003: 2 movies

posted 2019 December 7

Bon voyage
Directed by Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Written by Jean-Paul Rappeneau and Patrick Modiano
Produced by Laurent Pétin and Michèle Pétin
Cinematography by Thierry Arbogast
Editing by Maryline Monthieux
Production design by Jacques Rouxel
Music by Gabriel Yared
Costume design by Catherine Leterrier 
Starring Grégori Derangère, Virginie Ledoyen,
Isabelle Adjani, Yvan Attal,
Gérard Depardieu, and Peter Coyote

   It jumps genres. That's part of why it makes this list. And also it looks good and it's simply exciting. 
   With a frenetic pace, it gives us the sense of the World War II-era French movie scene, as well as France's politics, and the struggles of a young person trying to make it in a tumultuous world.
   Every scene looks great and weaves smartly to tell its gripping romantic story. Fantastic editing and comic touch. The title translates from the French to "Have a good trip".

Lost in Translation
Written and directed by Sofia Coppola 
Produced by Sofia Coppola and Ross Katz
Music by Kevin Shields
Cinematography by Lance Acord
Editing by Sarah Flack 
Production design by K.K. Barrett and Anne Ross
Art direction by Mayumi Tomita
Set decor by Towako Kuwashima and Tomomi Nishio
Costume design by Nancy Steiner
Starring Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray,
and Giovanni Ribisi

   Late night lonely tale about finding your love in a short encounter. Two married people, one in her twenties, one in his fifties meet while feeling lost in Tokyo, Japan. And through their few-days long relationship, you feel their trappedness, their escape, and their return to their cell, albeit enlightenedly. There are a few moments where Japanese culture is lightly mocked, bu it is shown realistically through the eyes of two real Americans, and to be honest, this is true of travellers anywhere. People compare, they miss the familiar, and they criticize, and they joke. No harm is intended. And it even colors the characters as human, imperfect, whiich adds to the relevancy and power of the story. Bravo to Sofia Coppola!
   This might be the best roles Scarlet Johannsen and Bill Murray have ever had.

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