1919: 1 movie

(Last updated 11 February 2016)

The Dragon Painter
Directed by William Worthington
Produced by Haworth Pictures
Written by Richard Schayer
Starring Sessue Hayakawa and Tsuru Aoki
Cinematography by Frank D. Williams
Art Direction by Milton Menasco

   Elegant fable about love, death, and creativity. The cinematography keeps the indoor scenes just as intense as the outdoor scenes, and it blends scenes on a studio sets with actual forest scenes in a seamless way. The acting is sincere and keeps us rooted in the mystery of the protagonist's quest. The whole production is admirable for being the result of efforts by actor/producer Hayakawa who used his finances and connections to make movies which presented Japanese people and culture in a graceful light rather than the mocking stereotypes that Hollywood had been employing.

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