1987: 2 movies

Posted on 2015 December 27

Thru the Wire
Written and directed by Aki Kaurismäki 
Produced by Atte Blom and Aki Kaurismäki
Music by Leningrad Cowboys
Cinematography by Timo Salminen 
Editing by Aki Kaurismäki and  Raija Talvio
Starring Nicky Tesco

   Just awesome! A mix between a music video and an adventure-romance. The cutting is original and makes every moment unpredictable. The song is romantic and desperate, even though it borders on cheesy. In fact, the whole production borders on cheesy, but the quality and unity of mood keep it strongly in the win-zone. The Leningrad Cowboys star as themselves, which might make some think this is a video to promote a song or a group, but the outlandish story, the late-night, gritty mood that flavors the flow of black & white images, and the subtle humor that frames the whole production, prove that this is something far beyond that. This is cinematic joy.

Directed by Barbet Schroeder
Written by Charles Bukowski
Produced by Tom Luddy, Fred Roos,
and Barbet Schroeder
Music by Jack Baran
Cinematography by Robby Müller
Editing by Éva Gárdos
Production Design by Bob Ziembicki
Set decor by Lisa Dean
Costumes by Milena Canonero
Hair-styles by Leslie Ann Anderson, Jane Carvell,
and Genice Jarvis
Starring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway

   Amazing how the lead actor's performance sets the mood. Mickey Rourke, in what is most likely his greatest role, creates a character and a rhythm so strong and mesmerizing that when he's not on screen, it's like the other actors don't know what they're doing! It's a bit of a fantasy-adventure story set in a big city among people trying to make it, people who are making it, and two people who don't give a care. 
   The way the camera rests on Rourke as he is simply being his character makes this movie priceless. The whole story about a writer who refuses to sell out even as his writings begin to sell and his love-life starts move, is a great course to run along. And Faye Dunaway is the perfect match thanks to her psycho, feral, and romantic performance. The soundtrack of funk and classical is tops, and the cinematography and direction competes make the screen ooze with Henry's spirit.

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