1984: 2 movies

posted 2015 December 7

Efter repetitionen
Written and directed by Ingmar Bergman
Produced by Jörn Donner
Cinematography by Sven Nykvist
Editing by Sylvia Ingemarsson
Production design by Anna Asp
Costumes by Inger Pehrsson
Starring Erland Josephson, Lena Olin,
and Ingrid Thulin

   This movie is set on a stage after a rehearsal for a play which plays with our expectations. Sometimes it feels like we are watching a dream that the director is having, sometimes it feels like we are watching a play that four or five actors are putting on, and sometimes it feels like we're watching a real situation between two people. This is one of those movies that does very well on this list. It's the kind where love is the framework and the driving theme of the movie, while the characters, setting, and timeline are all vague and shifting. An air of melancholy complements the brilliant performances, writing, feeling, and production.
   The title translates from the Swedish to "After the rehearsal".

Anna & Bella
Directed by Børge Ring
Produced by Cilia van Dijk

   Short sweet cartoon about two sisters who are friends, and their memories of their youth and rivalry over boys. The dreamy, cheerful pastels lull us into sweet story-time mode, while the story's after-life perspective maximizes the core sentimental impact, which can't really be called nostalgia. It's more of a heart-breaking acceptance that youth and life are fleeting, and a feeling of deep love for our fellow travellers. The lack of dialogue is hardly noticed as the story is told simply and flowingly. It's universal and ageless.

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