1953: 1 movie

(Last updated 30 May 2014)

Pickup on South Street
Written and directed by Samuel Fuller
Produced by Jules Schermer
Cinematography by Joseph MacDonald
Editing by Nick DeMaggio
Art direction by George Patrick and Lyle R. Wheeler
Set decor by Al Orenbach 
Wardrobe director by Charles Le Maire
Costume design by Travilla
Starring Richard Widmark, Jean Peters,
Thelma Ritter, and Richard Kiley

   It's got sad parts, it's got happy parts, it's exciting, and it's fresh at every viewing. What happens when a good-looking pickpocket lifts a wallet that holds stolen national secrets from a good-looking girlfriend of a spy? This is the premise, but the deeper truth it investigates is the lives and loves of people who are living on the edge of poverty, law, and death. It's about their humanity, the gritty violent lives they lead, their dreary environment, and whether they can hold onto any form of friendship or loyalty. Naturally, their love is also rough, but the interesting thing is how it shows the difference between that and abuse. And lastly, it's about breaking through layers and layers of deceptive games to make a connection. All of this is conveyed through a breathless, entertaining hunt of a movie that is unparalleled in cinema.

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