1933: 1 movie

(Last updated 29 August 2013)

Hold Your Man
Directed by Sam Wood
Produced by Sam Wood and Bernard H. Hyman
Written by Anita Loos and Howard Emmett Rogers
Cinematography by Harold S. Rosson
Editing by Frank Sullivan
Starring Jean Harlow and Clark Gable

   If you think of it as a 1930s tearjerker, you might think it's a movie that was made slapdash by rote formula. But there is actually more here than meets the eye. For starters, it's not just a tearjerker. It's also a romantic comedy, a prison movie, a seditious morality play, and an outlaw story.
   But mainly, it's a story about a woman's love. We live through Jean Harlow's character. We feel her sensitive attraction for Clark Gable's character even through her tough girl exterior. We laugh at Gable's bad boy mischief, we pity the good guy's unfortunate devotion to Harlow, and then shit gets very real. An unlucky event shifts the entire setting from a romance in the slums to a story about unrequited love behind bars. Here we meet widely varying cross-sections of the United States. We encounter rebellious independent women, unmarried mothers, African American culture, communism, and the Christian church. We feel the push and strain of all of these elements, and we get to witness a blueprint for cooperation between them. Topping it all off, the beautiful photography and performances of the ensemble cast leave nothing to be desired. In short, this is a very unassuming masterpiece.

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