1926: 0 movies

(Last updated 6 September 2012)

   This was another transition year for movies. Chaplin had switched to a longer format and was between pictures, as he'd just released The Gold Rush the previous year. Man Ray made a very dizzying cinematic poem; Marcel Duchamp did as well. Dziga Vertov made a very political movie. A great number of directors who would later create one or more masterpieces were growing in their talent and confidence. Friedrich W. Murnau, Georg W. Pabst, Ernst Lubitsch, John Ford, Frank Capra, Jean Renoir, and Carl T. Dreyer all released movies which show clear signs of the future greatness they would be instrumental in bringing about. And Clara Bow had a number of hits which ensured that she was the new big star. Things were looking promising for movies in 1926, but the great mass of movies that were actually released come across today as stagy and formulaic, the formula being to have well-dressed people sit around, drink, smoke, and enact maudlin plots.

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