1913: 0 movies

(last updated 17 August 2012)

   In a sense, this year represents a transition-point for the movie-medium. Before this point, the dominant feeling was that movies were a new invention, and the accompanying attitude was to figure out what their best purpose could be, as well as how to make them, who would make them, and where to show them. These issues were answered in a largely experimental and thus temporary manner. But with every passing year, the number of movie-makers, movies, and movie-audiences expanded until it became clear that movies were here to stay. That's why at around this point we begin to see more lavish productions and bigger stars. Movie-companies were growing larger and more monopolized, movies were getting longer, there were more subtitles and intertitles, and there was an stronger adherance to popular story-lines as opposed to visually kinetic art.

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